All contracts between CORE SEO and their customers are concluded on the basis of these general terms and conditions (GTC).


They are an integral part of the contract between the parties. Different regulations must be in writing.


If some of the provisions of these General Terms and Conditions or parts of them prove to be illegal, incomplete or not enforceable, this does not affect the other parts, and the General Terms and Conditions remain in force. The ineffective provision is considered to be replaced by an effective provision which comes closest to the economic purpose of the original regulation.


General terms and conditions of the customer are not part of the contract, even if the customer expressly refers to them.



The CORE SEO is one of the leading New Zealand providers of online media and innovative information technologies such as digital marketing and SEO. The range of services extends from search engine optimization to well-founded online marketing campaigns.

So far, CORE SEO has implemented well over 232 projects for New Zealand companies from all industries and segments. 



If you have any questions about the individual provisions, the scope or the purpose of general terms and conditions, do not hesitate to contact us at info@techcore.co.nz. Of course, our customer advisor will also help you – +64 2108229272. In the course of concluding the contract, the parties define a contact person with decision-making and signing authority on the customer side, who is responsible for all inquiries of the CORE SEO is. 




Prices that CORE SEO names in offers are binding. All prices that are communicated on the CORE SEO website or in any other way are non-binding. Offers are created for a specific customer and a specific project, so they are not replicable and confidential. CORE SEO reserves the right to refuse to accept an order without giving reasons.


CORE SEO services may not be used by the customer to distribute obscene, pornographic or illegal content or destructive program codes.  


CORE SEO is not liable for any copyright infringement or other violations and cannot control the content for possible violations. However, CORE SEO is entitled to terminate contracts in such cases immediately and to remove websites from the network. We reserve the right to make further claims. The contract term of a respective contract with customers results from the nature of the contract and the respective object of the contract. Monthly service packages are automatically renewed at the end of the month if the customer does not expressly cancel. They can be cancelled at any time on the last day of the month, whereby services already rendered are to be paid for by the customer.



The entire scope of services and individual delivery items can be found in the offer accepted by the customer. Additional services can be charged separately to the CORE SEO. The parties contractually define the sitemap for websites. A sitemap is the hierarchically structured representation of all individual documents (individual pages) of a website, including the page structure.


This is binding upon the parties when the contract is concluded. If the customer requests additional pages, CORE SEO is entitled to charge them separately. All content (including but not limited to images, texts and documents) that is to be included on the website comes from the customer and is not developed by the CORE SEO or unless this is expressly agreed in the contract with the customer. The customer will provide CORE SEO with all necessary content and data in good time before the start of work. CORE SEO can assume that the information provided by the customer is complete and correct. The customer is responsible for the right to use the content provided by the customer.


The customer is also responsible for the orthographic and other quality control of the content provided by him. However, CORE SEO can adapt all content for SEO optimization before handing over the project. CORE SEO reserves the right to replace content if this serves to fulfil its contractual obligations. CORE SEO will inform the customer of such replacements. The customer is obliged to acquire the necessary licenses or rights to use the content. Before charging for additional services, CORE SEO will notify the customer to give them the right to waive such services. 



Concept and design of a website or project are first created by CORE SEO and submitted to the customer for approval. The customer must accept or reject the concept in writing and can express his requests for changes. Appropriate adjustments will then be made. The price of the respective offer includes up to two adjustments to a concept or design. If the customer requests further changes after the second adjustment, CORE SEO expressly reserves the right to charge them based on actual effort. After the customer has accepted the concept/design by written declaration, changes and adjustments will only be made against a separate charge performed**.


In this case, the customer has the right to terminate the contract but owes at least the fee for services already performed. We reserve the right to make further claims. If both sides decide to continue the project with the desired change, CORE SEO is not liable for the functionality of the website or the project, as the customer has been informed about the concerns on the part of CORE SEO. ** This regulation is necessary because the effort for CORE SEO increases considerably if programming has already started and adjustments have to be made in the following. This can also lead to an increased susceptibility to errors and limited functionality, for which CORE SEO is not liable. 




may use a third party to fulfil its contractual obligations. For this purpose, CORE SEO may forward data and information it has received from the customer to the third party. In this case, the customer has no direct claim against the third party; in other cases, CORE SEO may also refer the customer to products or services from a third-party provider, such as network operators or hosting providers. The customer can also purchase services from third parties. In these cases, a contract is concluded directly between the customer and the respective third-party provider. CORE SEO assumes no liability for any inconvenience or damage that the customer may incur from a contract with a third party, with the exception of mandatory statutory provisions.


CORE SEO is entitled to refuse work results created by the customer or third parties, which the customer provides to fulfil its contractual obligations or to refuse cooperation with third parties due to technical, qualitative or legal concerns.


CORE SEO will inform the customer about this and give them the opportunity to refuse to produce their own work results or to provide services by CORE SEO.


In this case, CORE SEO is entitled to terminate the contract. The customer owes at least the fee for services already performed. We reserve the right to make further claims.



The parties can make appointments for the completion of their respective services. If a deadline cannot be met, CORE SEO will inform the customer as soon as possible. If the reasons for the delay lie outside the sphere of influence of the CORE SEO, CORE SEO is not bound to the date and is not liable for any damage resulting from the delay, in particular also for delays caused by third parties commissioned by the customer or requests for changes of the customer; these can affect delivery dates sensitively. As far as possible, CORE SEO will inform the customer of any delays that may result from the change. CORE SEO is entitled to offset costs incurred if the customer or a third party commissioned by him does not meet his obligations on time. However, CORE SEO must first point out the offsetting and give the customer or third parties the opportunity to fulfil their obligations.



Unless otherwise agreed, CORE SEO requests the transfer of the agreed fee to the bank details specified on the invoice. It is at CORE SEO’S discretion to invoice the invoice amount in instalments or to invoice the total amount. Discounts are not allowed. Other discounts must be confirmed in writing by CORE SEO. 



Defects in the submitted project must be reported in writing by the customer within 14 (fourteen) calendar days. Otherwise, CORE SEO is entitled to invoice the correction work separately. Three) working days must be displayed in writing. However, the customer bears the burden of proof that the defect already existed upon delivery.



CORE SEO provides services and creates works which, to the best of our knowledge and belief, correspond to state of the art.


Due to the ongoing developments in the field of information technology, technical updates may be necessary for the CORE SEO to provide services to the customer. CORE SEO can charge these separately. Before charging update services or similar items, CORE SEO will give the customer the opportunity to waive these. However, CORE SEO then has the right to point out that this makes the provision of services difficult, unprofitable or impossible. CORE SEO is therefore entitled to adjust prices for the services concerned or to terminate the contract. CORE SEO is not liable for any damage that the customer may suffer from failure to update. CORE SEO is not liable for damage,



All work results and delivery items remain the property of the CORE SEO until all invoices have been paid in full. CORE SEO retains the copyright to all work results created by it – including, but not limited to, the design, the website, all graphics and the programming code – unless the individual contract with the customer specifies otherwise, after the full amount has been paid in the customer has a temporally and geographically unlimited and exclusive right of use within the meaning of the respective contract, unless the contrary is specified in the individual contract with the customer, CORE SEO can also use completed projects on its own website or otherwise as a reference. The customer agrees to this.

CORE SEO reserves – apart from the restrictions mentioned – all rights of the author. 



The CORE SEO backs up the customer’s data to the best of its knowledge and belief and is committed to a trouble-free, uninterrupted and high-quality transmission of data. However, CORE SEO cannot guarantee these services and assumes no liability for damage caused to the customer due to technical problems, server or network failure, data loss, security deficiencies, transmission errors, transmission speeds or other causes, in particular not for lost profit and consequential damage. The customer is responsible for making backup copies of all important data and content on his website. 



The parties undertake to comply with the provisions of the Data Protection Act. CORE SEO can collect and use personal data of the customer in the course of the business relationship directly or by using the CORE SEO website. CORE SEO or third parties commissioned by CORE SEO will only collect the data a) to fulfil their contractual obligations; b) for the implementation and support of services or products which the customer purchases from the CORE SEO; c) or to improve and statistically analyze the quality of the service offered. CORE SEO will not disclose, pass on or sell customer data to third parties, unless it is obliged to do so by a) judicial or official order or b) the third party is commissioned by CORE SEO to process the customer data; c) to sponsors or other participants of an event organized by the CORE SEO; d) to protect the interests of the CORE SEO or your customers; e) to fulfil the contractual obligations; f) as part of a restructuring of the business organization. CORE SEO is a cross-border company. Personal customer data can be processed outside of New Zealand. CORE SEO uses a contract to ensure that all data is always used in accordance with the requirements of the Data Protection Act. Personal customer data can be processed outside of New Zealand. CORE SEO uses a contract to ensure that all data is always used in accordance with the requirements of the New Zealand Data Protection Act. Personal customer data can be processed outside of New Zealand. CORE SEO uses a contract to ensure that all data is always used in accordance with the provisions of the Data Protection Act.